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On behalf of Boarding Australia, I am very pleased to announce the finalists in the inaugural Indigenous Boarding Awards.

We received nominations from organisations and individuals from across Australia who are demonstrating excellence in these award categories. This included those that are heavily invested in the challenges of Indigenous student boarding and are continually working towards positive outcomes.

These awards not only encourage us to reflect upon what is being achieved in our field, but allow us to share the stories and innovation from across the nation to inspire and influence the work of others in Indigenous student boarding. 

The awards will be presented at a special evening function at the National Indigenous Education and Boarding Symposium at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday March 12. The winners will be announced before an audience of boarding school leaders, heads of boarding, researcher and academics, state and Australian government officials and Indigenous community leaders.  

We look forward to contributing to the recognition individuals and organisations deserve as well as the on-going development that can result from sharing the experiences of others in a sector. 

Anthony Bennett
President, Boarding Australia


Exceptional Cultural Connection by a Boarding School or Residence 
Sponsored by Aboriginal Hostels Ltd

  • Guildford Grammar School, WA 
  • Western Cape College, QLD

Exceptional Contribution to the Community by an Indigenous Boarding Student 
Sponsored by Student Concierge Services                

  • Asharnti, Presbyterian Ladies College, WA 
  • Isaiah, St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, NSW
  • Kyh, Knox Grammar School, NSW
  • Liam, Isaiah and Dontay, Christ Church Grammar

Excellence in the Provision of Indigenous Student Health & Wellbeing
Sponsored by Cater Care

  • Cape York Girl Academy, QLD 
  • Mount St Bernard College, QLD                   
  • Wongutha CAPS, WA

Excellence in Indigenous Boarding Leadership (Individual or organisation)
Sponsored by Boarding Training Australia

  • Andrew Beck, Guildford Grammar School, WA 
  • Neil Morison, Dawurr Boarding Nhulunbuy High School, NT 
  • Stuart Ward, NRL Cowboys House, QLD 

Exceptional Contribution to Indigenous Student Boarding (individual) 
Sponsored by Boarding Australia

  • Lisa Fieldhouse, AISWA – Future Footprints, WA
  • Lehetta Lane Porter, AHL, Kirinari Hostel, Newcastle, NSW
  • Noela Millican, Djarragun College, QLD                  
  • Roni Forrest, AISWA – Future Footprints, WA 


Exceptional Cultural Connection by a Boarding School or Residence 
This award is to acknowledge a boarding school or residence that recognises the value of Indigenous cultural connection and have activities or programs that connect their boarders with relevant Indigenous cultures. This may be connections to local Indigenous groups or the home communities of boarders.  

Exceptional Contribution to the Community by an Indigenous Boarding Student 
Community service not only enhances the lives of others in the community, it is a major contributor to the life skills and wellbeing of the young person giving their time and energy. In this award we are looking for nominations of Indigenous boarding students who actively engage in their community, be it their home community or the community in which they are resident whilst boarding, and have made an exceptional contribution.  

Excellence in the Provision of Indigenous Student Health & Wellbeing 
This award recognises organisations or individuals who provide Indigenous boarding students with health and wellbeing services and programs that not only supports their participation in education but allows them to thrive as individuals. This may be a partnership between a health provider and a boarding school/residence or a program that is provided to support Indigenous student health and wellbeing. 

Excellence in Indigenous Boarding Leadership (individual or organisation) 
Leadership comes in different forms and not just from those in leadership positions. Leadership may be a long term contribution on a successful path or new innovative ways of doing things. The Excellence in Indigenous Boarding Leadership award recognises either individuals or organisations that have challenged common practice and are pursuing excellence in order to make a difference to the lives of their Indigenous boarders.  

Exceptional Contribution to Indigenous Student Boarding (individual)
Many people make contributions to the boarding experience for Indigenous boarders whether it is a staff member, teacher, volunteer, community leader or a parent. However, some individuals go above and beyond with a passion to make an exceptional contribution. This award seeks to recognise these outstanding individuals

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